A graphical tool for designing finite state machines

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25.01.2015 Qfsm 0.54 released
Some bugs have been fixed, and a new function to export State Machine Compiler (.sm) files has been added.
20.06.2012 Qfsm 0.53 released
After a longer break, version 0.53 has been released. A couple of bugs has been fixed, and the possibility to import Graphviz files (textual state machine descriptions) (currently Linux-only).
11.01.2010 Qfsm 0.52 released
We just released version 0.52 which fixes some bugs and introduces some new features, e.g. VHDL testbench export, vvvv Automata export and SCXML export. Moreover, the user manual has been overhauled.
23.11.2009 Qfsm featured on Brothersoft.com
We are very happy to announce that Qfsm won an "Editors pick" award by Brothersoft, one of the leading software download sites.
12.01.2009 Qfsm 0.51 released
This is a bugfix release with minor feature enhancements. See the change log for more details.
03.04.2008 Qfsm 0.50 released and website updated
This is a port from Qt3 to Qt4. So Qfsm is finally available for Windows as well. The build system has changed to CMake. A few minor features have also been added, like the diagram export in PNG format. Many thanks to Rainer Strobel who largely participated in this release.
27.12.2007 Qfsm 0.46 released
Improved and cleaned up the build system. Created binary and source RPMs for some Linux distributions.
02.10.2007 Qfsm 0.45 released
Added EPS and SVG export function of state diagrams. Some minor bugs have been fixed.
16.07.2007 Qfsm 0.44 released
Some minor features as well as a user documentation have been added. See the change log for a more detailed listing of changes.
19.01.2005 Qfsm 0.43 released
Finally another release. I fixed some compilation bugs and added some minor features, notably concerning the export functions. See the change log for a more detailed listing of changes.
13.03.2004 Qfsm 0.42 released
This release brings some improvements of the export functions, a french translation, some visual improvements and some bug fixes. A full list of changes can be read in the change log.
12.04.2003 Qfsm 0.41 released
Finally after a long break I managed to make another release for Qfsm. I fixed some bugs and added a few features. More details in the change log.
07.06.2002 Qfsm 0.40 released
Qfsm 0.40 has been released. I ported Qfsm to Qt3 and added KISS export. Also I fixed compile bugs under FreeBSD and some other bugs.
03.02.2002 Qfsm 0.30 released
Qfsm 0.30 has been released. Again I fixed a few bugs and added a new feature: VHDL export. VHDL files have only been verified with FreeHDL. So if you have other compilers/simulators please check the output and give me comments/bug reports.
05.01.2002 Qfsm 0.26 released
Qfsm 0.26 has been released. A few bugs are fixed and it is now possible to export state tables in Latex and HTML format. See the change log for details.
14.11.2001 CVS repository set up
Finally the CVS repository of Qfsm has been setup at Sourceforge.
31.10.2001 Version 0.25 released
Version 0.25 has been released. This is the first public release of Qfsm. It is however not a stable version. Nevertheless try it out and feel free to give me some comments. Also make use of the bug tracking system on my Project website.
20.10.2001 Website finished
Finally the first version of the Qfsm homepage has been finished. The page was created with Quanta and Gimp was used for all graphics.
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