A graphical tool for designing finite state machines

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Version 0.54

* added State Machine Compiler (SMC) export function

* added option ('add default transitions to every state') for ragel export

* more convenient usage of simulator with clock on

* improved simulation efficiency for binary FSMs with lots of "don't care"

* ported to Graphviz 2.38

* updated documentation

* minor bug fixes

Version 0.53

* added Graphviz import function

* VHDL export: added possibility to output state code for debugging purposes (thanks to Rogier Wolff)

* other bug fixes

* updated user manual

Version 0.52

* implemented initial version of SCXML export (for 'free text' machines)

* implemented export of vvvv Automata code (for 'free text' machines)

* implemented VHDL test bench export

* Overhauled documentation (thanks to Camille Decock)

* Russian translation (thanks to Nick Shaforostoff)

* Improvments in VHDL export

* Bug fixes

Version 0.51

* Support of logic statements and vectors in VHDL export

* Ported dialog windows to Qt 4

* On line error check

* Protocol output in integrity check

* Fixed minor bugs in VHDL export, image export and state table generation

Version 0.50

* Updated documentation

* Windows-specific enhancements + NSIS installer

* Ported to Qt4 using Qt3 support classes (thanks to Rainer Strobel)

* Enhanced VHDL export functionality

* Optimized integrity check

* Added PNG export function

* Fixed several minor bugs

Version 0.46

* Updated the file qfsm.pro to allow building with qmake

* Various improvements of the autotools-based build system

* Environment variable $QFSM_DIR needs no longer be set at execution time, 
  i.e. files are installed to /usr/bin, /usr/share/qfsm, /usr/share/doc etc.

Version 0.45

* Added SVG export function

* Made initial transition optional

* Added EPS export function

* Fixed bug concerning drawing arrow head of initial transition

* Minor bug fixes

Version 0.44

* Wrote (English) user documentation

* Introduced possibility of default transition

* Added Ragel file export

* Introduced input condition "any"

* Introduced possibility to invert transition conditions

* Added more arrow types

* Added "Free Text" type

* Added "print header" option

Version 0.43

* Added ASCII state table export

* Modified way that IO ranges are split in state table export

* Fixed some Verilog HDL export bugs

* Added option to draw box around inputs/outputs over transitions

* Added intput/output name display over transitions and in state table

* Added option to display asynchronous outputs in state tables

* Removed compiler warnings due to iostream etc.

* Fixed compilation bug

Version 0.42

* Changed Moore outputs to ASCII format in ASCII machines

* Added panning function

* Added shadows for the states

* Changed appearance when dragging states (because of font problems)

* Added French translation

* Introduced export options (dialogs)

* Introduced separate Moore outputs (No longer identical to state encoding)

* More verbose tooltips for states

* '?' and '!' to mark inputs and outputs on transitions (optionally)

* Minor visual improvements

Version 0.41

* Improved VHDL export (thanks to Edwin Naroska)

* Added Verilog HDL export

* Fixed FreeBSD problems

* Fixed gcc 3.x compilation problems

* Added ability to assign a version string to a machine (thanks to Martin Schiller)

* Added the ability to assign descriptions to states and transitions (thanks to Martin Schiller)

Version 0.40

* Ported to Qt 3.0.x

* Fixed bug in conversion from ascii transitions with ranges to binary format

* Added KISS export

* Fixed compilation bugs under FreeBSD

Version 0.30

* Fixed bug when loading machines.

* Added VHDL export

Version 0.26

* Changed values true,false to TRUE,FALSE for compilers that don't support
  the bool type natively

* Fixed bug in binary string conversion

* Added state table export to Latex and HTML

Version 0.25

* Initial release. Changes will be logged from now on.