A graphical tool for designing finite state machines

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Contributing to Qfsm

We would be very glad for any help with Qfsm. So if you want to code, write documentation, maintain the website, package to software etc. just send an email to:

qfsm at duffner dash net dot de (Replace "at", "dash" and "dot")


If, for any reason, you cannot actively contribute to the project but still want to help us you can make a donation by clicking here .

The money you donate will only be used to continue the development and maintenance of the Qfsm project (e.g. to buy new hardware). Developers of Qfsm spend a lot of their spare time and effort to make this application a useful tool for many people working in personal, educational or professional environments. Further, 10% of your donation will be automatically given to SourceForge.net because it enormously helps the project to progress and to respond to the users' needs as good as possible.

Thank you very much in advance.